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Welle Technology Co., Ltd.


WELLE Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing and supplying different kind of quality industrial products to meet requirement of customers in the diverse industry

areas worldwide. WelleTec also has invested into several other manufacturers' operations to support our production and supply chains stabile.

Our company is located in Hangzhou City, the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province and only 180km nearly to Shanghai. Hangzhou forms the core of the Hangzhou metropolitan area, the fourth-largest in China and be ranked first among "Chinese Cities of Opportunity".

With over 20 years rich experience, we are able to supply different kinds of products such as CNC precision machining parts (non-metal & metal), 3D print, mode and prototype making, injection molding, precision casting, customized industrial chains and drive components, gearbox, fastened parts and other customized parts according to drawings and specifications. Our products have been exporting to America, Australia, Italy, U.K and other countries.

WelleTec have an experienced and knowledgeable sales team offering prompt service. Technical service is our key to compete with our competitors in China. Our aim is to serve our customers with best quality, competitive price, on time delivery and help our customers to win in the world market. Our marketing strategy is to provide long-term cooperation for our customer with firm foundation of technical and communication support.  All customers can communication with WelleTec just same as domestic supplier.

On the other side, WelleTec provides also professional technical service and support for foreign companies in China, e.g. business/trading consulting, onsite technical support, resource searching and analyze, translation & interpreting, etc. We make the technical communication & professional support much efficient for you  between China and Europe. We can help you to achieve success in China.

If you have any requirement or question, please contact us.

Order from one piece

up to mass Production!

Stamping Parts

Customized Parts

Drive Components

Conveyor Chain

3D print & Prototype

Investment Casting

CNC Precision Parts

Non-metal & Metal

Professional Business
Development & Sales Service

Project management &

Technical Service

OEM Manufacturing &
Quality Check
Technical Service & Consulting
According to customers’ requirement and specification, various non-metallic and metallic Material is available at WELLE Technology facility, e.g. general engineering plastics, advanced engineering plastics, non-ferrous metals, steel, and other materials.

All kinds of processes have been carried out for manufacturing from raw materials into final products. All processes are available and mature.

Strictly quality control plan have been used, not only to achieve customers’ requirement, but also to improve our process and bring continually value to customers.


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