WELLE Technology

Welle Technology Co., Ltd.

Quality is our Promise

WELLE Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on two business areas:

  (1) Customized Products Manufacturing

  (2) Business & Technical Service

  (3) Organic Waste Treatment Equipment (GreenBox 绿宝)

Our company is located in Hangzhou City, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, only 180km to Shanghai.

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial area, we are able to provide various industrial products, incl. industrial chains & drive components, CNC precision machining parts (non-metal & metal), fastener parts, casting parts, injection parts, and other customized products according to drawings and specifications. Our products are exported to America, Australia, Italy, the U.K. and other countries.

Our production base of customized industrial parts covers an area of 30 acres and a construction area of 18000 square meters. The production base currently has more than 100 employees. The factories of our family members and long-term partners could provide different kind of industrial products, with very competitive prices. WelleTec has also invested in operations of several manufacturers to support stable our production and supply chain.

Our professional team provides also business & technical services for partners.

Service fields incl. Business development & Sales support & Project management (in China)


Our Work is customer-oriented. Our products are cost-effective. Our service is efficient and has professional communication skills. Our goal is to provide products and services with good quality, competitive price, on time delivery for benefiting customers & partners.

If you have any requirement or question, please contact us.

From one piece up to mass production
We provide professional
industrial products and service

Business Development &
Sales Support

Technical Service &

Project management

International Project
Business & Technial Service
Company Philosophy & Goals

Company Philosophy:

  • We work customer-oriented: providing professional products and service   

  • We are good at communication skills: precise and efficient communication with partners/customers

  • Our products are cost-effective: balance quality-cost-delivery time of products/service    

  • We have long-term cooperation with our customers & partners, with trust and quality.

Our Goal:

  • to provide products and services with good quality, competitive price, on time delivery

    for benefiting customers & partners

Our Team

Our Team are built with experts from different industrial topics.

Experienced industrial and technical experts are are our greatest competitiveness. From business development and project management, to production technology to quality control; from technical communication to international business handling; we are professional.

We speak English, German, Chinese, better communication, for a better together   work.

Plan-Do-Check-Act is our basic internal work principe. We are also focusing on the continuely process optimization, the aim of optimization is not only for our own company system and process, but also for providing better products and service to customers.

Production Base

Our production base has 5 work shops, with 18000qm. We have different kind of

machining equipment to provide varity customized products for customers. Our welding expert's technology has been certified, this gives us a great advantage in manufacturing complex steel structure products.

Our new type Organic Waste Treatment Equipment (GreenBox) is produced and

assembled in our production base. From design/technical confirmation until equipment acceptance/handover, we provide professional project management service to ensure the quality of the project and products.

We have many types of processing equipment that can meet the manufacturing

needs of customers for different   products. From the processing of individual   components,to the manufacturing of precision welded parts, and then to the assembly of the entire system, we have all possess excellent execution capabilities and management systems.


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