WELLE Technology


WELLE Technology focuses on manufacturing and supplying quality various sorts industrial components and parts meet customers' in industry area worldwide.

  • With our experiences of manufacturing, industrial support and service, and international trade from almost 20 years, we have enough know-how to support your business. We can communicate with you in English and in German.

  • Customized and nonstandard products manufacturing ist our highlights.  

    Our technical understanding and advantages can help you to develop your business.

According to customes' drawings and specifications of needed products, we will check the manufacturing process and technical details.

Via different types communication method (Email, Telephone, Skype, Video call), we can communicate with customers quickly and efficiently.

Continuous optimization on our technical know-how and customer communication efficiency is one of our most important target in business. We understand, to do better customized products, we must understand the customers exactly and communicate with customers better.

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