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Project Management & Technical Service



We provide customized work packages for project management or project activities in China, especially in the industrial, automotive and IT fields.

Our team has many years of international project management and technical service experience in the industrial and automotive fields in Germany and in China.

We have PMP certificate, and also have cross-cultural thinking and soft skills in project negotiation and project management.

Communication languages: Chinese, German and English

Customized work packages:   

  • Project management

  • Technical service & support and after sales in China

  • Value chain analysis and optimization suggestions for details in project process (KPI)

  • Onsite project management and technical service in China

  • Other customized work packages

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Coorperation process

Modular process setting enables us to understand your needs as soon as possible and customize the plan for you.


Our Advantages:

  • Integrate and implement different professional work packages in China: able to fully support the development strategy of customers and partners    

  • We combine cross-cultural thinking and Chinese local methods/ideas   to provide suggestions for work plans or implementation plans   

  • You do not need to set up a representative office in China at the early stage of doing business in China, because we can be your representative office here. Not only bring you cost advantages, but also provide you with more   reliable support.

  • Our team has many years of experience in the fields of international BD/sales, PM and trade.

  • Well-trained remote communication skills to complete tasks quickly and accurately

  • Our work process is efficient and flexible, with short response time.

  • Our connections with different resources and networks in China will help you   approach your goals quickly.

  • We provide customers CIP (KVP) suggestions from different aspects to optimize process and cost saving.

  • Customer-centric service: improve customer satisfaction through different forms of cooperation

If you have any requirement or question about our service, please contact us.



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