WELLE Technology


322 Swievl Hook

类型 Rigging hardware 规格 Standard & Nonstandard
材质 Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc. 颜色 Original after Treatment

Rigging hardware

- 322 Swievl hook

HangzhouWELLE Technology:
- WELLE Technology focuses on manufacturing and supplying qualityvarious sorts Rigging hardware to meet customers' in industry area worldwide.
- With our experiences of manufacturing, industrial support and service, andinternational trade from almost 20 years, we have enough know-how to supportyour business. We can communicate with you in English and in German.

- We manufacture Standard and Nonstandardproducts. Our technical understanding and advantages can help you to developyour business.

Product Descrption of Rigging hardware forindustrial use:
- Our products are made of big range materials, e.g. 20Mn, 40Mn, 40Cr, 45Mn,30GeMnTi, stainless steel, etc
- After specification and drawings of customers  

Manufacturing process:

-         After customer requirement, Forging/ Stamping / Casting

Customization andSpecifications:
- After technical communication about exactly customer request, WelleTechnology can provide the right and quality products to customer.Customization after customer specifications is absolutely our advantages. Thismakes us to reach our target: Quality is our Promise.

Product Ranges of Rigging hardware:

-         Turnbuckle

-         Shackle

-         Rope clip

-         Rigging screws

-         Hook

-         Wire rope thimble

-         Eye screw

-         Snap hook

-         Load binders

-         Chain swivel

-         Wire rope tensioner

Professional Process:
We work professional, communicative and systematic for providing our qualityproducts and best technical support/service.

- 100% quality assurance: High-quality sources and supply
- Cost-effective products: best performance for your machines with the mostcost-effective investment
- We have experienced Know-How to support our customers
- Our long term Experiences: help you to find better solutions
- Exactly delivery time control
- Convenient communication with quick response

If you have any request or questions about our products, please contact us.


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