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Organic waste treatment equipment 1T Capa- GreenBox

类型 Organic waste treatment equipment 规格 Customized Equipment
材质 Equipment 颜色 Customized
品牌 WelleTec-GreenBox

Please contact with Mr. Shi to get the PPT information about this new type Organice Waste Treatment Equipment.

With the vision of environmental protection, since 2012, through collaborativeresearch and innovation, we have launched the new type of organic waste treatment equipment (GreenBox绿宝), which has received great praise from users.

This type organic waste treatment equipment has over 20 patents in topic of fermentation technology and is already used in China, Indonisia, Dubai, etc.

Organicwaste can be pre-treatedor directly putted into the equipment.

The equipmentutilizes   high-temperatureaerobic fermentation technology   todecompose and fermentorganic waste at a rate tens times faster thantraditional composting,ultimately converting it into high-quality organicmatter. The

advantages include high-efficient treatment speed, low odor, andrapid on-site processing etc. The produced organic matter has good economicvalue and can be used as organic fertilizer base fertilizer, soil conditioner,biomass fuel, and other purposes.

Equipment processingcapacity/size can be selected as needed:

from 30kg upt to 10T

Customers choose the feeding/unloadingmethod as needed (manual/machine   assisted)

设备pocess flow.png设备pocess flow-2.png设备pocess flow-4.png设备pocess flow-1.png设备pocess flow-3.png

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