WELLE Technology


High-Strength Blind Rivets, Standard&Customized

类型 Fastener Parts 规格 Standard & Nonstandard
材质 Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc. 颜色 Customized
品牌 Customized

Product Descrption of customized Standard & Nonstandard Fastener Parts:

Standard screws and bolts:
- Bolts: DIN 933/931/912, GB6170, ISO4032, JIS1181, etc.
- Screws: DIN916/965/84/85/7982/7985/7981, etc

according to customers' specific requirement, e.g. non-standard stainless steel profiled part, stainless steel SUS410 screws.

Different types:
hex bolts, socket bolts, countersunk head series, color painted roofing screw series, hexagon flange head series, hexagon washer head series, countersunk head with wing series, pan head series, dacromet series, truss head series, wafer head series, bugle head series, drywall screw series, pan framing head series etc.

- Our products are made of big range materials, e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
- Customized after customer drawings and specifications.

Using areas:
- Our Standard & Nonstandard Fastener Parts are used for different industrial areas, e.g. general Machinery areas, construction area, automobile area, mining area, general life using area, etc.

- All products are manufactured after customer specification and drawings of customers
- All processes are available and mature, e.g. Forging, Stamping, Machining, etc.
- Professional after treatment and Surface treatment: such as hot galvanizing, black, color-zinc plated, blue-white zinc plated, polishing, passivation, anodizing, dacromet, etc.  
- High level quality controls

Our Factory and Equipments:
- for reaching quality manufacturing level and precision products, we have different types processing machines, e.g. CNC-  Machining Center, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Grinder machine, Numerical lathe, all types of lathe.

Customization and Specifications:
- After technical communication about exactly customer request, Welle Technology can provide the right and quality products to customer. Customization after customer specifications is absolutely our advantages. This makes us to reach our target: Quality is our Promise.

Professional Process:
We work professional, communicative and systematic for providing our quality products and best technical support/service.

Product Ranges of Machinery Chains:
- Screw
- Bolt (e.g. Hex bolt, Socket bolt, Countersunk head screw, hexagon flange screw, color painted roofing screw, hexagon washer head, Dacromet bolt, etc.)
- Threaded Rod
- Nut
- Washer
- Circlip
- Pop Rivet / Blind Rivet
- Anchor
- Other stamping and fastener parts


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